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Nature and Culture in Sonkajärvi

The wide forests and numerous lakes and rapids of Sonkajärvi are only a fraction of the appeal of the municipality: The Wife Carrying World Championships are known around the world. The chamber music festival Sonkajärvi Soi is one of the foremost in the region. The International Bottle Museum gives a unique insight into the cultural history of Finland and the world. The Jyrkkäkoski Ironworks is an integral part of the history of the area and the industrial history of Finland. There is no lack of activities in Sonkajärvi!

Tourism in Sonkajärvi

Wife Carrying World Championships, the prime asset and visiting card of Sonkajärvi takes place annually in early July.

Volokinpolku, a nature trail that runs through the diverse and varying nature and landscapesof Jyrkkä, is an ideal destination for those seeking breathtaking landscapes and a touch of wild nature.

Jyrkkä, a part of the industrial history of Finland. Jyrkkä Ironworks is a fascinating sight that combines modern culture and architecture with the history of Jyrkkä and Sonkajärvi.