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EtusivuSuomeksiPalvelutKirjasto, kulttuuri ja kansalaisopistoKirjastopalvelutKäyttösäännötRules and regulations of the Upper Savo library network Rutakko

Rules and regulations of the Upper Savo library network Rutakko


These rules apply to all libraries belonging to the Rutakko network of Upper Savo

public libraries: city libraries of Iisalmi and Kiuruvesi, municipal libraries of Keitele,

Lapinlahti, Pielavesi, Sonkajärvi and Vieremä, as well as branch libraries of

Varpaisjärvi and Sukeva.

Right of library use

Library services can be used by all those who comply with the library rules


Borrowing privileges and library card

Borrowing privileges, a personal library card and a PIN code for online library

services can be obtained by presenting photo identification, giving contact

information and signing an undertaking to abide by the library rules. The same

card is valid in all libraries belonging to Rutakko network.


A person under 15 years of age must present a signed consent by his/her guardian

to obtain a card. The guardian is responsible for the borrowed items of a person

under 18 years of age. Schools, day care centres and the like can be issued an

institutional library card if a guarantor over 18 years of age signs the card


Borrower’s responsibilities

The library card is a personal, non-transferable document which must be

presented each time items are checked out. The cardholder is responsible for the

card and all items checked out with it, as well as any online use of library services

with the personal PIN code. A lost card and changes of address or name must be

reported without delay to any member library of Rutakko network. In case the

card has been lost, the cardholder’s borrowing records are checked for misuse.

After a card is reported lost it cannot be used for borrowing. In misuse cases, the

library will only deal with the cardholder or his/her guardian/guarantor. The

cardholder is responsible for any other potential transactions (e.g. with insurance

companies). The customer can purchase a replacement card for the lost one after

presenting identification.


The library staff can order a customer who causes disturbance in the library to

leave the premises. Continual disturbing behaviour may lead to the loss of the right

to use the library.

Loans, renewals and reservations

 Loan periods can vary according to material. The maximum number of items a

customer may have out on loan is 50, of which CD’s or videos up to 20 items each

and DVD’s or CD-ROM’s up to 5 items each. The lending of audiovisual recordings

is subject to the age limits supplied by the Finnish Board of Film Classification. An

audiovisual recording cannot be checked out by a person below the age

indicated on the label.


Loans can be renewed at the library, by phone or on the Internet. A loan can be

renewed up to five times. Items reserved by another customer and short period

loans cannot be renewed.


There is a fee for reserving items. Reservations (hold requests) can also be made on

the Internet. A reserved item must be checked out at the same library the

reservation is focused on. A fee will also be charged for reserved material that has

not been picked up. The cardholder is limited to 30 outstanding reservations at any

given time.


Interlibrary loans and network loans

Interlibrary loan requests can be made from other libraries. In interlibrary lending,

national standards and the rules and loan periods of the lending library are

observed. Rutakko network also delivers network loans (intra-network transfers).

Fees for interlibrary and network loans are indicated in the section ‘loan periods,

fees and charges’.


Returning library material

Borrowed material must be returned or renewed by closing time on the due date.

Overdue loans are subject to fines and potential invoicing fees.


Borrowing privileges in all Rutakko libraries will be suspended if the customer’s

outstanding fines exceed 10 euros in total. The suspension will be revoked when

the overdue loans are returned or compensated and all library charges paid.


Lost or damaged items

A lost or damaged library item must be compensated for by paying a sum

determined by the library, or replaced by the customer with an equivalent item.

The replacement value equals either the current store price or the index-linked

actual worth of the item. Lost video and DVD materials can only be compensated

by payment, since the compensation sum of lost audiovisual material includes a

copyright fee for library use. In case of damaged video or DVD, the compensation

sum does not include a copyright fee, but the recording will be kept by the library.

Damaged and compensated CD-ROM material will also be kept by the library.


If the customer’s equipment should get damaged by a recording borrowed from

the library, liability will be determined according to the general principles of Finnish

tort law.


Customer terminals

Customer terminals must be used in accordance to the data security regulations

and general rules of the library in question.


Data protection

Customer records are confidential and will not be disclosed to outsiders. The

records are subject to Finnish Personal Data Act, and the register description is on

display in each library and on the website of each library. The library has the right

to register the customer’s identity code (permission of the Data Protection Board

57/29.11.1993). The identity code will be used in situations concerning the granting

and suspending of borrowing privileges or invoicing of customer’s outstanding

debts to the library.


According to the Personal Data File Act, the customer has the right to check

his/her library records. A guarantor is entitled, upon presenting identification, to

check the library record of the institution, or the person(s) under 15 years of age,

that he/she is the guarantor of.



Any exceptions to library rules and regulations are subject to the assessment of

library staff.


These rules and regulations are valid as of 1 April 2006 (Iisalmi Cultural

Board, 28 February 2006, section 6)

 Keitele Education and Culture Committee 28 March 2006, section 13

 Kiuruvesi Library Director, office bearer decision 5 April 2006, record

number 144/2006

 Lapinlahti Library Director, office bearer decision 28 March 2006,

section 11

 Pielavesi Cultural Board 31 May 2006, section 21

 Sonkajärvi Free Education Committee 7 December 2005, section 13,

made known to the committee 12.4.2006

 Vieremä Education and Culture Committee 10 April 2006, section 18